Waist Training

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.46.17Selfies of waist training celebrities have taken twitter by storm in recent years. From reality TV stars like the Kardashians to big screen stars like Jessica Alba, all the beautiful and famous seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.

Shape wear has a long history, but with the invention of control underwear we all thought full on corsets were over. But waist training is growing in popularity.

What is Waist Training?

Initially, the term waist training referred to a century old technique of reshaping a woman’s body through the aid of steel or boned corsets, which she would wear for most of the day. These corsets were tightened sometimes to deadly straights, exaggerating the hourglass figure while shifting internal organs and structure, such as the last ribs.

Modern waist training is not all that its predecessor was. Now when waist training, women wear latex and cotton cousins of the long ago steel boned corsets, tight fitting garments under their clothes or over their workout gear to promote sweating. There are varying degrees of waist training from the all-day group who live in their waist-synchers, sometimes even sleeping to those who only wear the syncher for workouts and special occasions. Most women purchase waist trainers through websites like http://waisttrainingcenter.com/.


This isn’t a magic weight loss item. Though it is often used with diet and exercise to improve results, no one really believes that there is no effort needed to be put into the process. So what can be gained from waist training?

  • Instantly slimmer appearance- Obviously while wearing a tight wrap around your midsection you will appear slimmer with a more exaggerated hourglass figure than without a shaping garment on.
  • Back Support and Proper Posture- The tight wraps help support the spine, back muscles and abdominal muscles to give you better possible, both while the syncher is on and when it comes off.
  • Post-partum Support – Compression devices never stopped in this area of a woman’s life. Supporting the stretched skin and abdominal muscles while they recover and return to pre-baby tone and place helps the process along.
  • Confidence- Standing taller and looking slimmer gives some women the boost of confidence they need to take action. Whether it is cardio, a diet, a career or a relationship move they gain the confidence for, a syncher can help provide that boost.

The Dangers Involved

Woman died the first time waist training took off and for as long as it was in style young women fell victim to the trend. Even with modern cinching there are dangers and concerns.

  • Breathing- Pressure on the diaphragm makes breathing more difficult. Prolonged or intense pressure can result in a lack of oxygen circulation making it harder to think and move and potentially leading to a fainting spell, which can be dangerous.
  • Fainting- With decreased oxygen flow, fainting becomes more likely and potentially deadly. Fainting at the top of a flight of stairs or while crossing the street can be extremely dangerous.
  • Skin infections and Scarring- A very real concern if the syncher is worn too tight or for too long.
  • Internal Compression and Organ Damage- With prolonged use of a waist trainer that is too tight there is the risk of effecting the internal organs with compression damage.

While most experts agree, waist training does not deliver any kind of long term weight loss, there are a few good reasons to venture into waist training like improved posture, looking slimmer immediately and post-partum abdominal support.