Why salons succeed

Below is an explanation of the way you can commence a flourishing hair salon as well as day spa, a trade that can be individually satisfying, makes numerous individuals content and can be incredibly lucrative. Given in the excerpt below are a number of aspects of your trade that can be of help in making day spa/salon profitable. These are also the reasons why most salons succeed.

You can always consider a few of the operational matters that will effect and have a say in the triumph of your trade.

Hours of operation

Firstly, you have got to reflect on your operational hours cautiously for accommodating the most customers throughout business days.

Normally, hair salons of metropolitan regions keep themselves open from 10 a.m. right till 9 p.m. all days weekly and from 10 a.m. right till 6 p.m. in the lesser sized communities. You also could require having hours for accommodating special requirements. A case in point is a salon doing much wedding work. It’ll probably require opening in the early hours of Saturday mornings. Salon proprietors who administer their time in such a manner that adds to their earning capability will see their trade develop and thrive faster. The Silky Smooth Beauty Salon has excellent operational hours.

Being a new proprietor, you’ll have the temptation of trying to getting everything done yourself. As a substitute, hire accomplished staff for handling the routine work. Follow up by delegating responsibilities for devoting yourself to assignments that can aid you in growing the company and making more money.

Proper fee structure

Another vital element of your salon progress plan is the proper fee of your services. On setting the rates excessively high you’re going to put a limit on the numbers of individuals capable of affording them. On setting them excessively low you’ll put a limit on your profit possibility and could put the company at risk. Silky Smooth Beauty Salon has an excellent free structure.

Setting of rates cannot be done by just visiting additional salons in your target marketplace, gathering menus of services offered, and pricing your individual services for them to be competitive. Rather, you have got to reflect on the three aspects that will have an influence on your rates, namely, labor & supplies, overhead, & profit.

Customary maintenance

A vital task that’s mandatory for upholding the image of the salon if yours is customary maintenance. It isn’t sufficient to clear off all of the hair clippings following a cut/ to wash down and fold up towels. It is vital that you keep your salon appearing and also smelling unsullied and clean for making it an inviting place always. This is regardless of the amount of traffic that makes way through the entrance or how terrible the weather condition happens to be.

A number of salon proprietors have a preference for having a maintenance squad turn up to take care of everything barring the essentials like sweeping of the floor and folding up of the towels. Though the price could be elevated, at as much as $200/ visit the benefits really offset the price. On the other hand, you could engage an individual, whose responsibility is cleaning up, doing laundry, and keeping the salon spick and span.

Has the Beard Bubble Burst?

Everyone has seen that facial hair trends change all the time. Some men choose to ignore them while others try and keep up, especially if they work somewhere that values professionalism. Others choose to take full advantage of seasonal opportunities to grow their facial hair like Movember and Decembeard.

Beards have become quite the hot topic lately. Beards give men the chance to help show off their style and are happy that beards are becoming so popular. Even so, we’re now questioning whether the beard bubble has burst and beards are on the way out. How does the future of facial hair look?

The Beard is Born

Google Trends will tell you that “beard” became a trending topic back in 2011. Another growing trend is “beard styles” which has seen a lot of growth lately. Men are definitely becoming more interested in how they should wear their facial hair and there are plenty of safe and great styles to go with.

Studies have even been done on beards. One study in particular showed that a third of American males and half of men worldwide have some form of facial hair. There was also a time when beards were a badge of honor and cutting them off was considered a form of punishment. The jury is in that beards also make men look older, dignified, and even more powerful.

There’s a lot of thoughts about what impressions beards give off, especially on women. Thanks to Movember and other such events, and the rise in men’s facial hair products and treatments, it looks like beards are here to stay.

It’s plain as day that the beards are still booming and will be around for a long time to come. Get used to beards because you’re going to see a lot of them.

What Are The Options?

This doesn’t mean that the beard is your only option for facial hair. There are plenty of ways to express yourself with your facial hair. The beard is a great option but it’s only one choice and not everyone can grow and care for a beard.

Something else that’s come into style is groomed long stubble. A bit of scruff makes a guy look sexy, confident, mature, and mysterious; everything a girl wants. Maintaining your beard is an important part of having one so invest in a good beard trimmer.

You can go with some scruff if you’d like but make sure that you maintain it. Stubble is good; looking unkempt and unwashed is bad!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Facial hair is a hot topic but there’s not too much choice out there. Right now smart stubble or scruff is in style. Beards are also still in style; at least for the time being. Where facial hair goes from here depends on how these styles change and trimming and maintaining your beard is an important part of that.

How do you express yourself? How do you wear your facial hair, and does it match your personality and clothes?

4 Colours that will Spice up your Summer


The colour of men’s wear plays a vital role in making them look vibe and radiant this summer which is why there are so many mens shops on the high street or online to help you Stand Out this summer. From season to season, there are various theme colours to focus from so that it could fit perfectly to the different attires such as sport, uniforms, classics, getaways, casual and many others.

To date, the new in trend colour this summer for men is colour grey. However, if this does not fit your taste, then there are other bold colours to wear this season that will make you attractive and handsome. Here are the other colours you should try to consider:

  • Green

This colour will never get you wrong most as far as versatility is concerned. A dark or even bright colours of green are neutral colours that can mix and match with other colours to form a fashionable combo. This colour might become the new black.


One specific colour under green is grass turf. This colour would make you look active and unique in any season! For your add-on information, this chlorophyll green colours have been an exceptional part of some fashion runaways. Level up your outfit with green!


  • Yellow

This colour could be a great part when you are starting to build your wardrobe. The idea of wearing yellow is an ace because it is a powerful hue which matches best toned-down. Yellow fashion pieces which are mustard, honey-collared of your suits, tie, pants, shirts any wear is attention grabbing. You will never fail to stun many people if you wear this one during formal or even casual occasion. This summer, you need to take note that you need a tan before you start wearing this colour because this would make you look sexier.


To make it more unique, Limon cello is a good add-on to your yellow collection. This would bring you strong and energetic dose of freshness and sophistication. This could be a perfect match with black or any primary shades!


  • Pink

Never let anyone say that pink is only for feminine style because this colour brings out the masculine charm in any man’s wardrobe. The basic rediscovery of pink led to other pinkish enjoyment for men’s wear. Other varieties of pink that you should consider this summer is peach, rose and salmon. Because the pink colour is very versatile, you can easily mix and match shirt, jeans and shorts. You can creatively combine them with tones of browns, pale wash colour and olive. As good tip for casual attire, choose a more washed out pinks for flexibility. Furthermore, fashion experts advise men to consider their skin tone as they wear pink. Men with a fairer skin should settle with the darker pink shaded and the ones with a dark complexion can pull off almost all shades of pink.


  • Purple

Because purple is the most overlooked colour for men’s attire, then you should wear this one for a twist and exclusivity this summer. Purple would score you not just in originality but vibrancy. They key tip to this is to support purple tones with clothing  items which are pared-back in shades of black, grey, beige or blue.





Men: How to Dress Like a Man

So you want to dress like a man, then this article will tell you everything you need to know to make this happen. It’s important for you to dress sharply, so that you can impress people around. And it’s not about showing-off, but about confidence. Because a man who dress very well is prone to impress people around, and this is especially important if you work in an area where you have to deal with people constantly. Also, it’s known that people who dress very well can connect with other people far easier. This is because there’s a stigma associated to the way you dress, you should exploit this aspect and we will make it happen with all you are going to learn here.

9e6123c9d1aadb1d4568e4244fd9ed8eOf course, the fashion tips which apply for men are far different than those which are directed towards women, and the reasons are pretty easy to guess. Men should keep it simple, and that’s the philosophy we are about to describe in the following sub-section.

The Simple Approach
You should keep your style as simple as possible. And by simple we don’t mean plain, but you shouldn’t look like a pirate as well! We recommend a Paul Twice watch strap. There are men whose style is way overcharged, they don’t know how to dress good without throwing in 3-4 bracelets and even sometimes I’ve witnesses men wearing 2 watches!

If you want to look good then you can do it without problems with a simple approach. You should keep accessories at a minimum. For example, a watch will do the trick in most cases. If you have a specific religion, then a necklace will do fine as well. However, you should keep everything to a minimum if you want to remain cool but not overcharged.

5b6d5d61669e1934591237793ed63806So that’s the simple approach: keep everything straight to the point. You will be surprised by how well you will look. And to verify this theory we just have to travel back in time to the 50s, where leather jackets, a pair of jeans and a white shirt where the rule. Even today such style is well-received because it looks awesome and is not overcharged, you want your clothes to make you stand out, not the contrary!

And also don’t forget about your haircut. You should keep it simple as well, but not boring. For some men long hair is a good thing, while for others it’s not so good. It all depends on the shape of your face, but that will be a topic of discussion for other day.

And you should also take care of your beard. There are some men whose beard looks great, and this is because they care about it. You should always shave yourself when you feel your beard is going out of control, because it will give the impression you are a person who doesn’t care about its presence, and this is always a bad thing, because you should always portrait confidence and a great style with all people who surround you.

Here’s a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing like a man, some you probably had no idea about!