10 Fashion Inspiration From Queen Elizabeth

Her highness just celebrated her 90th birthday recently. Aside from the fact that she is already Britain’s longest-lived monarch and the world’s oldest-serving sovereign, did you notice something else? Yes!!! She still looks great! No wonder her influence has even reached the fashion industry. Who says she isn’t current now?




Her riding garb inspired Demma Gvsalia for his first season for Balenciaga.




  1. BURBERRYthe_queen_burberry

Judging from her legacy, it’s only fitting that Burberry’s Strong Women issue to be inspired from her.


  1. CHANELchanel_the_queen_

It’s so obvious where Chanel got the idea for its Spring-Summer 2016 hats collection.




  1. DOLCE & GABBANAdolce-and-gabbana-the-queen

Britain’s feathers, ribbon, jewels, organza and gold rope sure did look good on Dolce & Gabbana’s recent collection.

  1. KENZOthe-queen-kenzo

Animal prints? Her Majesty has been wearing them way back 1962 before you were even born.




  1. MIU MIUthe-queen-miu-miu

You always see her wearing pearls around her neck. Now even Miu Miu runway models are donning those.

  1. PRADAthe-queen-prada

If that hat looked good for the queen back when she was younger, Prada saw it and took note on that.




  1. PREENthe-queen-alexander-mcqueen

Who says only monochromatic colors should be worn for state visits? Pink is the new black!


That luxurious duvet coat she wore when she was still a little girl, made its way into Alexander McQueen’s collection.


How the Queen wears her silk scarf is the only way.

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