Differentiating between real and fake Ray-Ban Glasses

sunglassesIf you’ve ever seen a pair of good sunglasses ever, you’ve probably wondered if they’re genuine or fake. This is something that happens when you see an expensive pair of glasses, and you think to yourself if the person has bought the actual thing. And of course, when the brand is one like Ray-ban, you can find plenty of fake products on the market. These fake products sometimes look pretty much the same as the original, and this is one thing that can leave a deception in the salesperson’s mind. According to statistics, in a course of 6 years, there have been 2,000 cases of people getting fooled and wearing the fake ray ban product, not the original one.

This is where the user starts getting extremely disheartened as usually the Ray-Ban products are worth a fortune that you wouldn’t want to spend. So, why not make sure that the product you’re buying is genuine Ray-Ban Eyewear? Well, of course! Why would you want to spend your hard earned money on something that’s merely a copy of what you wanted? While traditional salesperson and vendors would try to fool you, we tell you some things that can help you differentiate between real and fake Ray-Ban sunglasses or eyewear.pairs of rayban glasses

Look for seams

Ray-ban’s quality is worldwide, and it is known for its excellent seamless feel in every product that makes it stand out in the crowd of competition. The real problem here comes in when super high replicas end up in the market, and they look the same. What can you do to identify the real Ray-Ban Sunglasses? You look for seams! All of Ray-ban products are cut from the same piece of plastic allowing the user to enjoy a seamless feel. Try to find a seam in the product, if you find one or two, it just might be a replica or a fake product.

Go for quality vendors

Some vendors usually act like they are a high-quality supplier of supreme Ray-ban products when they’re selling you replicas for an insane price. Quality eye sales vendors like Optic Shop can always get you a warranty card, a box, and discounts as well for some great results. This also ensures the customer for any claims that he may be wanting to put forward.

Feel the weight

It might find silly to some, but original Ray-Ban products are heavier in weight. Some might think that plastic doesn’t weigh much, but the weight of Ray-ban products is reasonable and not light enough to feel inexistent. This is something that you may be wanting to keep a scan of because the weight of some replicas is soft and people merely notice that.

Keep these few things in mind and you’ll save up a fortune! Choosing the best products for your money is the least you could do, and these three tips will help you with it.