Has the Beard Bubble Burst?

Everyone has seen that facial hair trends change all the time. Some men choose to ignore them while others try and keep up, especially if they work somewhere that values professionalism. Others choose to take full advantage of seasonal opportunities to grow their facial hair like Movember and Decembeard.

Beards have become quite the hot topic lately. Beards give men the chance to help show off their style and are happy that beards are becoming so popular. Even so, we’re now questioning whether the beard bubble has burst and beards are on the way out. How does the future of facial hair look?

The Beard is Born

Google Trends will tell you that “beard” became a trending topic back in 2011. Another growing trend is “beard styles” which has seen a lot of growth lately. Men are definitely becoming more interested in how they should wear their facial hair and there are plenty of safe and great styles to go with.

Studies have even been done on beards. One study in particular showed that a third of American males and half of men worldwide have some form of facial hair. There was also a time when beards were a badge of honor and cutting them off was considered a form of punishment. The jury is in that beards also make men look older, dignified, and even more powerful.

There’s a lot of thoughts about what impressions beards give off, especially on women. Thanks to Movember and other such events, and the rise in men’s facial hair products and treatments, it looks like beards are here to stay.

It’s plain as day that the beards are still booming and will be around for a long time to come. Get used to beards because you’re going to see a lot of them.

What Are The Options?

This doesn’t mean that the beard is your only option for facial hair. There are plenty of ways to express yourself with your facial hair. The beard is a great option but it’s only one choice and not everyone can grow and care for a beard.

Something else that’s come into style is groomed long stubble. A bit of scruff makes a guy look sexy, confident, mature, and mysterious; everything a girl wants. Maintaining your beard is an important part of having one so invest in a good beard trimmer.

You can go with some scruff if you’d like but make sure that you maintain it. Stubble is good; looking unkempt and unwashed is bad!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Facial hair is a hot topic but there’s not too much choice out there. Right now smart stubble or scruff is in style. Beards are also still in style; at least for the time being. Where facial hair goes from here depends on how these styles change and trimming and maintaining your beard is an important part of that.

How do you express yourself? How do you wear your facial hair, and does it match your personality and clothes?