10 Fashion Inspiration From Queen Elizabeth

Her highness just celebrated her 90th birthday recently. Aside from the fact that she is already Britain’s longest-lived monarch and the world’s oldest-serving sovereign, did you notice something else? Yes!!! She still looks great! No wonder her influence has even reached the fashion industry. Who says she isn’t current now?




Her riding garb inspired Demma Gvsalia for his first season for Balenciaga.




  1. BURBERRYthe_queen_burberry

Judging from her legacy, it’s only fitting that Burberry’s Strong Women issue to be inspired from her.


  1. CHANELchanel_the_queen_

It’s so obvious where Chanel got the idea for its Spring-Summer 2016 hats collection.




  1. DOLCE & GABBANAdolce-and-gabbana-the-queen

Britain’s feathers, ribbon, jewels, organza and gold rope sure did look good on Dolce & Gabbana’s recent collection.

  1. KENZOthe-queen-kenzo

Animal prints? Her Majesty has been wearing them way back 1962 before you were even born.




  1. MIU MIUthe-queen-miu-miu

You always see her wearing pearls around her neck. Now even Miu Miu runway models are donning those.

  1. PRADAthe-queen-prada

If that hat looked good for the queen back when she was younger, Prada saw it and took note on that.




  1. PREENthe-queen-alexander-mcqueen

Who says only monochromatic colors should be worn for state visits? Pink is the new black!


That luxurious duvet coat she wore when she was still a little girl, made its way into Alexander McQueen’s collection.


How the Queen wears her silk scarf is the only way.

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The Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Dentist

Oral care is very important. It promotes good health and proper hygiene. Part of maintaining a good oral hygiene is to visit the dentist regularly. Because there are so many practicing dentists in your area, you need to have a guide to search for the best option. To help you narrow down your options, here are the tips for choosing the right dentist for you:dental care

  1. Check your dental health benefits

This is the first thing you have to consider before getting a dentist. There are various dental plans. Read it and discover the benefits you are covered to.

  1. Ask for recommendations

It is very hard to track the best dentist because there as it has been mentioned, there are so many practicing dentists in your area. So, to narrow down your search a bit, you should ask your family, closest friends or workmates if they can refer you a good dentist. If they could not refer you to anyone, then you can try to ask for the list of the local dentists around.

  1. Find out if the dentist location is accessible to you

If you have found the right candidate, you should check on its location and see if it is accessible. If it is too far away, then you might reconsider looking for another option.

  1. Call your prospective dentists

If you already have gathered the list of dentists, you should call their office before scheduling another appointment. What are you going to ask? Here are the following questions to raise:1300987348158969581855dental-tools

  • Are you a member of any dentistry association?

This is an important question. You need to inquire if theya re a member of any medical association to ensure that they could give you the quality medical oral assistance that you need. Part of it is to ask about the dentist’s clinical experience and training.

  • What are the dental procedures and services you offer?

Dentists vary their practices. Meaning to say, they offer various services according to their field of specialisation. Example, if you wanted to have a service for Essex veneers, you should ask if they offer these kind of services. This will give you an idea if they can suit your needs.

  • Do you have office hours on Saturdays?

This is very important matter to ask especially when you do not have time to make an appointment during weekdays.

  • How far in advance should I book a schedule for an appointment?

You need to know how long it takes to make an appointment so that, you can target the desired schedule you wanted.

  • Know the price

Price vary from one service to another. You also have to ask for the price so that you can compare the value of the prices of the other potential dentists on your list or know whether they offer dental payment plans.

To this end, it is also good for you to note that you should choose a dentist where you can openly talk comfortably about your dental needs. Because, the best dentists are not just the one who offers good services but also the ones who give valuable advices and support for you.

Differentiating between real and fake Ray-Ban Glasses

sunglassesIf you’ve ever seen a pair of good sunglasses ever, you’ve probably wondered if they’re genuine or fake. This is something that happens when you see an expensive pair of glasses, and you think to yourself if the person has bought the actual thing. And of course, when the brand is one like Ray-ban, you can find plenty of fake products on the market. These fake products sometimes look pretty much the same as the original, and this is one thing that can leave a deception in the salesperson’s mind. According to statistics, in a course of 6 years, there have been 2,000 cases of people getting fooled and wearing the fake ray ban product, not the original one.

This is where the user starts getting extremely disheartened as usually the Ray-Ban products are worth a fortune that you wouldn’t want to spend. So, why not make sure that the product you’re buying is genuine Ray-Ban Eyewear? Well, of course! Why would you want to spend your hard earned money on something that’s merely a copy of what you wanted? While traditional salesperson and vendors would try to fool you, we tell you some things that can help you differentiate between real and fake Ray-Ban sunglasses or eyewear.pairs of rayban glasses

Look for seams

Ray-ban’s quality is worldwide, and it is known for its excellent seamless feel in every product that makes it stand out in the crowd of competition. The real problem here comes in when super high replicas end up in the market, and they look the same. What can you do to identify the real Ray-Ban Sunglasses? You look for seams! All of Ray-ban products are cut from the same piece of plastic allowing the user to enjoy a seamless feel. Try to find a seam in the product, if you find one or two, it just might be a replica or a fake product.

Go for quality vendors

Some vendors usually act like they are a high-quality supplier of supreme Ray-ban products when they’re selling you replicas for an insane price. Quality eye sales vendors like Optic Shop can always get you a warranty card, a box, and discounts as well for some great results. This also ensures the customer for any claims that he may be wanting to put forward.

Feel the weight

It might find silly to some, but original Ray-Ban products are heavier in weight. Some might think that plastic doesn’t weigh much, but the weight of Ray-ban products is reasonable and not light enough to feel inexistent. This is something that you may be wanting to keep a scan of because the weight of some replicas is soft and people merely notice that.

Keep these few things in mind and you’ll save up a fortune! Choosing the best products for your money is the least you could do, and these three tips will help you with it.

Waist Training

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.46.17Selfies of waist training celebrities have taken twitter by storm in recent years. From reality TV stars like the Kardashians to big screen stars like Jessica Alba, all the beautiful and famous seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.

Shape wear has a long history, but with the invention of control underwear we all thought full on corsets were over. But waist training is growing in popularity.

What is Waist Training?

Initially, the term waist training referred to a century old technique of reshaping a woman’s body through the aid of steel or boned corsets, which she would wear for most of the day. These corsets were tightened sometimes to deadly straights, exaggerating the hourglass figure while shifting internal organs and structure, such as the last ribs.

Modern waist training is not all that its predecessor was. Now when waist training, women wear latex and cotton cousins of the long ago steel boned corsets, tight fitting garments under their clothes or over their workout gear to promote sweating. There are varying degrees of waist training from the all-day group who live in their waist-synchers, sometimes even sleeping to those who only wear the syncher for workouts and special occasions. Most women purchase waist trainers through websites like http://waisttrainingcenter.com/.


This isn’t a magic weight loss item. Though it is often used with diet and exercise to improve results, no one really believes that there is no effort needed to be put into the process. So what can be gained from waist training?

  • Instantly slimmer appearance- Obviously while wearing a tight wrap around your midsection you will appear slimmer with a more exaggerated hourglass figure than without a shaping garment on.
  • Back Support and Proper Posture- The tight wraps help support the spine, back muscles and abdominal muscles to give you better possible, both while the syncher is on and when it comes off.
  • Post-partum Support – Compression devices never stopped in this area of a woman’s life. Supporting the stretched skin and abdominal muscles while they recover and return to pre-baby tone and place helps the process along.
  • Confidence- Standing taller and looking slimmer gives some women the boost of confidence they need to take action. Whether it is cardio, a diet, a career or a relationship move they gain the confidence for, a syncher can help provide that boost.

The Dangers Involved

Woman died the first time waist training took off and for as long as it was in style young women fell victim to the trend. Even with modern cinching there are dangers and concerns.

  • Breathing- Pressure on the diaphragm makes breathing more difficult. Prolonged or intense pressure can result in a lack of oxygen circulation making it harder to think and move and potentially leading to a fainting spell, which can be dangerous.
  • Fainting- With decreased oxygen flow, fainting becomes more likely and potentially deadly. Fainting at the top of a flight of stairs or while crossing the street can be extremely dangerous.
  • Skin infections and Scarring- A very real concern if the syncher is worn too tight or for too long.
  • Internal Compression and Organ Damage- With prolonged use of a waist trainer that is too tight there is the risk of effecting the internal organs with compression damage.

While most experts agree, waist training does not deliver any kind of long term weight loss, there are a few good reasons to venture into waist training like improved posture, looking slimmer immediately and post-partum abdominal support.