Men: How to Dress Like a Man

So you want to dress like a man, then this article will tell you everything you need to know to make this happen. It’s important for you to dress sharply, so that you can impress people around. And it’s not about showing-off, but about confidence. Because a man who dress very well is prone to impress people around, and this is especially important if you work in an area where you have to deal with people constantly. Also, it’s known that people who dress very well can connect with other people far easier. This is because there’s a stigma associated to the way you dress, you should exploit this aspect and we will make it happen with all you are going to learn here.

9e6123c9d1aadb1d4568e4244fd9ed8eOf course, the fashion tips which apply for men are far different than those which are directed towards women, and the reasons are pretty easy to guess. Men should keep it simple, and that’s the philosophy we are about to describe in the following sub-section.

The Simple Approach
You should keep your style as simple as possible. And by simple we don’t mean plain, but you shouldn’t look like a pirate as well! We recommend a Paul Twice watch strap. There are men whose style is way overcharged, they don’t know how to dress good without throwing in 3-4 bracelets and even sometimes I’ve witnesses men wearing 2 watches!

If you want to look good then you can do it without problems with a simple approach. You should keep accessories at a minimum. For example, a watch will do the trick in most cases. If you have a specific religion, then a necklace will do fine as well. However, you should keep everything to a minimum if you want to remain cool but not overcharged.

5b6d5d61669e1934591237793ed63806So that’s the simple approach: keep everything straight to the point. You will be surprised by how well you will look. And to verify this theory we just have to travel back in time to the 50s, where leather jackets, a pair of jeans and a white shirt where the rule. Even today such style is well-received because it looks awesome and is not overcharged, you want your clothes to make you stand out, not the contrary!

And also don’t forget about your haircut. You should keep it simple as well, but not boring. For some men long hair is a good thing, while for others it’s not so good. It all depends on the shape of your face, but that will be a topic of discussion for other day.

And you should also take care of your beard. There are some men whose beard looks great, and this is because they care about it. You should always shave yourself when you feel your beard is going out of control, because it will give the impression you are a person who doesn’t care about its presence, and this is always a bad thing, because you should always portrait confidence and a great style with all people who surround you.

Here’s a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing like a man, some you probably had no idea about!